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Welcome to our website. We are the unified voice and advocate for Professional Engineers in the state of Alaska. We are the ONLY engineering society that represents professional engineers from all branches. If you are a PE or one day hope to become a PE, we are the society for you!

ASPE/NSPE provides a forum for you to network with other engineers around the state and even the rest of the country. We offer continuing education opportunities, special events, a wide array of products for your professional use and development, and we operate with a constant eye on the future of our profession and society. Through programs such as E-Week, Mathcounts, and classroom presentations, we are helping to introduce engineering to the up-and-coming generations. With our full-time lobbyist in Juneau, and the several contacts NSPE has on Capitol Hill, we are ensuring that the law makers of this state and country understand the value of Professional Engineering and the role it plays in our society.

The 2018 ASPE Scholarship application is now available!

Click the "Scholarships" link at left to download the 2018 Scholarship application. Applications must be received by January 19, 2018!

2015 NSPE Annual Meeting and Convention - Seattle, WA

Alaska was represented at this summer's NSPE Annual Meeting, held July 15-19, by Michael Dean, who serves as Alaska's representative in the NSPE House of Delegates. NSPE is committed to making some drastic changes in the way the society is run and the services it offers to its membership in order to keep on pace with the times and keep the society relevant.

2018 NSPE Annual Meeting and Convention - Las Vegas, NV

Save the date! Mark your calendar now and be sure to attend the Professional Engineers Conference, July 17-23, 2018, at Caesars Palace, located on the Las Vegas strip.

2018 ASPE Calendar

--Currently under construction-- Contact your local chapter or the email below for information about chapter, state, regional, and national activities and events. Please come join us at a meeting!

Other News

A few years ago, we had to change our mailing address due to post office downsizing. Please be sure your records are updated. The new address is:

PO Box 100222, Anchorage, AK 99510

ASPE Constitution

ASPE Bylaws

We still have the material from Arthur Schwartz seminars on Contracts, Liability, Design-Build, and Ethics on this website. The slides and other material from his presentations are available in the new Continuing Education link at the left of this page.

Please forward any questions or comments you have regarding this website or membership in the society to We look forward to hearing from you!

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